Who is Growpay?

Growpay is an end-to-end payments marketplace that connects new and existing businesses to the world’s best payment providers.

  Since launch, we've helped thousands of start-ups and small businesses find and discover the right payment solution for their business. And we're only getting started.

  We're now building a business-first community who together, can leverage Growpay's buying power network to negotiate better payment terms for small businesses and start-ups.

  Join us in becoming the world's first global movement committed to connecting businesses to the world's best payment providers and helping our members pay less on transaction fees.

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This website is operated by Growpay Technologies Pty Ltd (trading as Growpay).
All products and services made available on our website are for merchants only and should be treated as general information. We are not owned by a bank or payment provider.
If you decide to apply for a product or service through our website, you will be connected directly to the service provider and not with us.